A stage of history and beauty

Typical villages and cities of Piemonte are the stars of the show with their castles, churches, and museums. The art and culture tour goes from Countryhouse through Monferrato and can reach all the way to Torino.

Nizza Monferrato (AT)

After Asti, it is the most important urban center of the province. Must see: San Lorenzo church, Palazzo Comunale with the Torre Civica, and Palazzo Crova.
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Canelli (AT)

Equal to Nizza for being the most important urban center in the province. Must see: San Rocco church, the castle, and subterranean cellars.
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Moasca (AT)

Small and typical medieval village amongst the hills of Nizza Docg. Must see: the castle from 1351.
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Mombaruzzo (AT)

Well known for its traditional “amaretti” biscuits from local pastry-makers since the 18th century.
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Acqui Terme (AL)

A renowned thermal center. A marble aedicula has been located in Piazza della Bollente since 1879, which surrounds a hot and healing water source.
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The capital of Langhe, known for truffles and Nutella. Must see: the towers, the Duomo, and via Maestra.
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The capital of Piedmont with the Mole Antonelliana, the historical coffee bars, the Holy Shroud and much more. We also suggest a visit to:
Museo Egizio di Torino
Museo Nazionale del Cinema
GAM (Galleria Arte Moderna)
Reggia di Venaria

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